About Us

After I became acquainted with Korean cosmetics, my life has changed dramatically. I grew to love Korean beauty products. Korean cosmetics have a massive following in many countries, where they are famous for their advanced formulations, high quality, use of natural ingredients, innovation, design and best of all - affordability! I noticed that a lot of Western beauty manufacturers sourced formulations from Korea because they claimed they were the most advanced in the world. They are not only amazingly effective but also based on natural ingredients - and of course, a lot of them are just super cute! Living in Amsterdam, I could not find any of them. Buying online was not better either, as all stores were located in Asia - high shipping cost, import tax, and a long wait for the products.

I wanted a place, where we can find the best Korean beauty products plus complete information about the products and how to apply them. I saw an opportunity to bring Korean beauty innovations and philosophies to the Netherlands in real-time, while combining my business experience with my love of skincare. I know one thing for sure. If you ever try Korean cosmetics, you won’t want to try anything else.I hope is that learning about beauty from a Korean perspective will change the way you think about your skin and how you treat it. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that you’re the expert on your own skin and you’re working hard to make it the healthiest it can be.